Scaling up Preventive Interventions in the Vulnerable and
Highly Vulnerable Groups

(Global Fund 2008)

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  "Street Children and HIVAIDS in Azerbaijan."

  "HIV/AIDS and Conscripts in Azerbaijan."

The Project is aimed to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS, ways of its transmission, and methods of prevention in the
vulnerable groups - street children and conscripts. In the line to this goal the objectives are the followings:

  • Developing research to determine the street children's compact places of abode, to assess risks related to HIV/AIDS and to determine HIV/AIDS related knowledge, attitudes, practices and behaviors in street children
  • Developing research on HIV/AIDS related knowledge, attitudes, practices and behaviors in conscripts (KAPB).
  • Preparing and production informational materials (leaflets and necessities containing information on HIV/AIDS).
  • Conducting training on HIV related peer education for street children and volunteers and for conscripts
  • Conducting awareness campaign among street children to increase HIV related knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and practices in this group
  • Conducting HIV prevention campaign among conscripts in 17 conscription offices in the country and among students drafted after graduation from university


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